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The Hillcrest Residents Association is made up of neighbors from every corner of the neighborhood. Join today and support our mission to encourage community, preserve historic character, promote safety, and support the schools, parks, and businesses of Hillcrest.

We love the people in Hillcrest and the way our neighbors take care of the neighborhood and work together to make it even better. And of course, we look forward to HarvestFest in the fall.

-Jim Metzgar


Quote: I love Hillcrest for a lot of things but mainly because it feels like a small village where you see people about their days and run into familiar faces. My dog PennyPuppas favorites are definitely all the parks where she gets to trot with her human almost daily and see a village of squirrels. 

-Sasha Savenka

Annual Membership Levels

Individual | $25
Household | $50

Supporter | $100
Booster | $200
Membership Levels

No matter the season, there's always something to do in Hillcrest! 

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