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Heart of Little Rock: A History of the Hillcrest Residents

Recently, students from the UALR History Department took years of documentation and interviewed long-time Hillcrestians to publish a book, “Heart of Little Rock; A History of the Hillcrest Residents and Merchants Association”. It took a detailed look at the history of HRA and why preservation is at the heart of our association. We who live in Hillcrest are temporary stewards of our neighborhood. Generations before us have lived, worked, and shopped in the same places we live, work and shop today.

There will be future generations who will replace us and hopefully enjoy the history and beauty of this neighborhood. In August, I was honored to become one in a long line of Presidents of the Hillcrest Residents Association. I am surrounded by an incredible board who are dedicated to our mission: To encourage a sense of community, preserve the historic character, promote safety, protect the parks, and support the neighborhood schools and commercial district in Hillcrest.

At a Board retreat in September, we worked on a list of priorities for HRA; short-term and long-term historic preservation, getting the Design Ordinance Guidelines passed and in place, establishing strong communication with our neighbors, considering walkability and parking issues, preservation of our parks, increase safety, support our schools and many others. One of our main priorities is to increase memberships. We need you to be a part of HRA. Our success is directly tied to how we respond to these priorities as a neighborhood, collectively, with a strong voice. I urge you to go to our website, become a member, and get involved. Join our meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month. Few neighborhoods across the country possess the character of Hillcrest. It is our responsibility to ensure the character created 100 years ago is preserved for the next 100 years. And that starts with you, today.


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