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HRA Goes Hollywood!

The HRA has made a wonderful short film for the Pulaski County Historical Society. The film highlights the Hillcrest neighborhood and takes a tour through an amazing rehabilitated Hillcrest home. It explains a little history of the community, about the Design Overlay District and good historic neighborhood design.

The movie was written and directed by Hillcrest resident and chair of the Preservation and Planning Committee of the HRA, Bob Keltner. He also stars as Mr. Anderson in the film. The film also features a middle schooler named Alex Smith as Judge Kavanaugh (whom Kavanaugh Blvd. wasNamed after) and Bob’s dog George as Knoppy. All the actors are Hillcrest Residents. In Hillcrest we are constantly trying to educate on and advocate for our historic building stock. Keeping new builds within the same mass and scale of our historic structures is part of that. We are currently in the process of reviewing our Design Overlay District to help curb tear downs and over-builds which threaten the historic district.


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