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Meet Our PHE Garden Instructor!

Read Admire is thrilled to be at PHE teaching students about gardening,  cooking, and environmental science. In 2007 Read spent time living on  an organic farm in Costa Rica, studying with permaculture design experts  and world class chefs. From there he completed a culinary apprenticeship  at Circle Yoga Shala in NWA where he trained as an Ayurvedic chef. The  most important thing he learned on both farms, he says, was that healthy  food comes from healthy soil, and healthy soil is like well-designed  architecture: it takes careful planning and construction. His next move  was to build his composting business back home in Little Rock, The  Urban Food Loop, thanks to a grant he received from the Clinton Global  Initiative University program. His view is that food is the most powerful  medicine and is excited to share his love of food and gardening with the  students at Pulaski Heights Elementary.  


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